Decadent Chocolate Cupcakes with a Heart

end product : chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate ganache

I was asked by a matron of honour whose best friend was getting married to bake some cupcakes.  Apparently her best friend saw it on my facebook page and was immediately attracted to this chocolatey indulgence. It was supposed to be a surprise. Well, I love surprises and I made sure I did something special for the bride. It wasn’t the usual fondant covered icing, although in this humid weather yes, perhaps its practical, but I still love the smooth creamy taste of butter cream. Anyway, the frosting for this cupcake was not buttercream it was white chocolate ganache. I thought of a way to incorporate the ganache so that it looked like it drizzled down from the cake. I did it first in  those heart shaped silicon moulds but somehow I felt it was a tad too small to be in a cupcake liner and it may topple off when placed on a cupcake stand. I had an idea while making the rest of the cupcakes which were red velvet and ala Pierre Herme’s ispahan, lychee rose with raspberry cream, courtesy of 6bittersweets, thanks dear! Then BLINNNNGGG! I decided I should tier it up with the heart shaped ones I made in the silicon mould. The whole night my brain was running thinking how I could make the ganache flow nicely from the cake. So I did what I had to do the next day.

baked in the silicon mould

I guess I am abit old fashioned, I have afew silicon baking moulds but somehow I like the good ‘ol baking pans. Even if its “cling clang bang” noisy or need the extra space to store compared to flexi pans I still love those pans. Its also a different texture when you use them I like that nice brownish edge from the good ‘ol pans when in a flexi pan it does not brown very much. Oh well, we all have our preferences. Next was the lychee rose cupcake, I browsed different websites and blogs to see where I could get a nice ispahan recipe ala cupcake version, although I will make that macaron one of these days if the weather and good vibe permits! Its too hot, hot, hot and humid these days, even though my kitchen is pretty airy with windows, its not air conditioned, so pretty trying for macarons though I have succeeded making them before. So I baked using this lovely recipe, and it was pretty, I made it before except that I wasn’t going to put a rose petal on top with this humidity and not being able to get organic roses.

Back to this chocolate cupcake recipe, which is courtesy from joy of baking, very lovely moist texture and oooh so sinful, best is, one of the ingredients is only cocoa, no other melted chocolate involved (I used Cacao Barry of course). I had some extras (of course) and kept those in the refrigerator, the ones with no icing I will use it for crumbs or truffles later and the ones with white chocolate ganache, was still had a good texture and very moist. This recipe is definitely a keeper. The matron of honour said something very sweet when she came into my kitchen that day and said my oven must be fantastic that I bake alot of fabulous goodies out of it, until I showed her. It was the regular stove top and oven below, no fancy smancy, though I know which ideal stove top and oven I have in mind! The only thing is I do know the oven temperature well to bake those cakes and desserts so that they turn out pretty presentable. Plus they’re all baked with the heart and soul, lots of love was put in it. 😉 I think that is the essence in every dish, desserts, cakes that you create, agreed? 🙂

see I had to 'glue' the heart shaped ones to the bottom


taken by the wedding party

About Nisa Koolhaas

Hi there, I’m Nisa, housewife to a Dutch husband in Singapore. We live with two cats, Nappy and Lulu. Cooking and baking is a crazy passion in me, since young. I love trying different recipes from any nook and corner of the world, or various foodblogs from dedicated fellow bloggers who are food fanatics just like me. I hope you will enjoy reading my kitchen experiment ramblings, plus some recipes I have tried and tested, hopefully they work for you as they did for me. I will update as much and as best I can as I embark with you on my food journey, trials and errors. Please feel free to leave me a note, link, comment or email. I would really love to hear from you. Thank you kindly!
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