2 Responses to Contact

  1. Hetty Koolhaas says:

    Dear Nisa,
    What a busy woman you are!!! Not just cooking and baking but also writing interesting stories. I’m looking forward for your cookingbook. I’m sure you will manage to write one.
    Bart must be a lucky man that he found you!!! ( and we to have you as our daughter in law! )
    I’m looking forward to see the rest of your blog.
    A big kiss, Hetty.

  2. Oma Koolhaas says:

    Hallo Nisa
    I saw this evening your new website. It is wonderful! Nice photo’s and
    also very colourful. It is nice to look at your site. My computer translate
    all the things you wrote. That is easier for me.
    Nisa, I say “go so further”
    I shall follow you on your blog. Greatings OMA Assen

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